Indi’s Covid-19 rice project

Help poor families in India and Cambodia struggling during Covid 19

International Village Care Ministry

International Village Care Ministry

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Project Summary

Family Support Humanitarian Aid

$2,000 per month

India and Cambodia

Tax Deductible

Updated 20-07-2021

Indi’s Covid-19 rice project
Indi’s Covid-19 rice project
Indi’s Covid-19 rice project
Indi’s Covid-19 rice project

Project Details


The original Indi’s Rice Project was established to raise $1000 per month so we can distribute 1100 kg of rice to the families of the children who attend the base.  It is also an opportunity for us to talk to the parent/caregiver of the children about about Hygiene matters, the importance of an education, and other matters.

Covid-19 and the rice project

Now since the Corona Virus we have extended the program to enable us to now take an additional 1000kg to slum areas in Cambodia and to slum areas in Chennai India. We are receiving many reports of families who have no income and no Government support and are struggling to even feed the families.

To support this initiative an additional $2,000 per month is needed.

We hope to continue to do this until the situation changes.

Who is Indi?

Indi is a young girl who lives in Parkes NSW and it was her inspiration that had us start up the rice project. 

Refer to the Indi rice project for her story.

How to donate?

Click on the 'Donate' button on this page.  This will take you to the IVCM website.  At the bottom of that page are instructions on how to donate to the Indi Rice project. 


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