Indi’s rice project

Rice for every family of every child at the IVCM base

International Village Care Ministry

International Village Care Ministry

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Project Summary

Children and Youth Ministries Family Support

$12,000 pa

Cambodia & India

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Updated 20-07-2021

Indi’s rice project
Indi’s rice project
Indi’s rice project
Indi’s rice project

Project Details


Dave & Barb were recently visiting a church sharing about IVCM

After the evening service, much later that night, a young girl and her mother came to meet with them.  

Her Mom said Indi (9 years old)  was listening to everything you talked about and decided she wanted to donate some money to IVCM. 

Indi said she was hoping to buy some rice for the families of the children in Cambodia. 

Indi was asked how much she wanted to donate, to their surprise, she held up $500 in cash.  This was one  years worth of her savings.

Dave & Barb were blown away, and from that night's meeting Indi’s rice project was formed.  Rice for every family of every child at the IVCM Base in Cambodia

Indi has set up a board in her church with small mesh bags of rice. People can donate monies to the project ($10 a month) and take a bag of rice as a reminder to place on their fridge.

Anyone who wishes to support this cause is asked to send monies to

BSB 633 000 Acc 143569184 (Indi’s project in description line)

Monies can be a once off or monthly amount. 

Alternatively you can donate through this link also:

We need $12,000 PA to achieve this project

Encourage a friend to support Indi’s rice project.

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