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Updated 29-05-2020

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The church in Mongolia suffers from the introduction of many cults from Korea and China. They often misinterpret the book of Revelation to make their claims. The first commentary in Mongolian on the book of Revelation is nearing completion and has been funded by OCA. The book is a translation of Australian scholar, Dr Paul Barnett’s commentary and has extra notes, sermon outlines and discussion questions for the Mongolian context.

OCA would like to provide further funds for some Old Testament commentaries, as there are none currently available in Mongolian. The funds will be used to assist the translation, extra contextual writing, editing and printing. In this way it will be a resource for all the Bible college students, pastors and interested lay people who want to read more deeply in their own language.

Funding needed

Funds needed for book 2 in the series: $10,000

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