SIMaid COVID-19 Emergency Fund

Immediate help to health ministries so they can continue serving on the frontline.

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Project Summary

Health Care

General Funds Needed

Liberia, Niger, Nigeria, South Asia

Tax Deductible

Updated 22-05-2020

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Key Points

  • Fund will provide the critical medical supplies and equipment
  • Construction of triage and treatment areas for COVID-19 patients.
  • Cover the cost of paying contracted medical staff during this time
  • Emergency community relief such as food & other supplies will be provided
  • Funds to go to 4 hospitals: ELWA Liberia, Galmi Niger, EGBE Nigeria, EHA S Asia

Project Details

While many of SIM’s projects are being impacted by the global pandemic, SIM health ministries around the world are preparing for an increase in patients due to the coronavirus. Equipment and supply shortages make responding even more difficult, especially in countries where resources are few and health systems are fragile.

In response to the emerging situation, SIM Australia is raising vital funds to support a number of SIM health ministries in vulnerable communities in South Asia and Africa, through the SIMaid COVID-19 Emergency Fund (#68001).

Gifts to this tax-deductible fund will be used to help health ministries receive immediate assistance so they can continue their crucial tasks as they serve on the frontline.

In the various health ministries, the Emergency Fund will assist in providing critical medical supplies and equipment needed to treat COVID-19 in this time of scarcity, and the construction of triage and treatment areas for COVID-19 patients. It will also be used to cover the cost of paying contracted medical staff during this time.

SIM has a long-standing commitment to the work of these health ministries and, this support will ensure their vital work continues once this crisis is over. These health ministries are relied upon by a large population of people and provide essential care for vulnerable groups including those with chronic health issues, prenatal and maternity care, people with HIV, and palliative care. In addition to medical support for hospitals, emergency relief to the community (such as food and hygiene supplies) will also be provided to vitally assist vulnerable and marginalised groups. These are the people who are being hit hardest by the economic impact of COVID-19.

Support the SIMaid COVID-19 Emergency Fund

Partner with us to support those on the frontline. Join us as we strive to alleviate the urgent needs of our medical ministries and supply healthcare facilities with essential equipment and materials during the coronavirus crisis.


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