Sponsor a child in India

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Project Summary

Child Sponsorship

$40 per month/child


Tax Deductible

Updated 24-02-2022

Sponsor a child in India
Sponsor a child in India
Sponsor a child in India
Sponsor a child in India

Key Points

  • Mukti supports destitude and abandoned children
  • Provide safe shelter, medical care, education, and basic necessities
  • Raised in loving and supporting Christian community

Project Details

Mukti Mission exists to support destitute and abandoned children and women in India. Children and women come to Mukti with backgrounds of extreme poverty, exploitation and abuse. At Mukti they find safe shelter and the basic necessities of life such as food, clean water, clothing and medical care. However much more than that, they find a loving and supporting community where they can rebuild their lives, and opportunities to realise their God-given potential including education, vocational skills training and small business enterprise. For those children and women who are able in time to leave Mukti, they go empowered and equipped to be ‘salt and light’ in new communities. For those who are unable to live independent lives (particularly those living with intellectual and physical disabilities or mental illness) they remain to serve and be a blessing to others in the Mukti community.

Mukti Mission is already making a difference in the lives of thousands of women and children in India, but the Mission needs help and relies on God to touch people’s hearts and join in with this amazing work. Could you partner together with us to offer hope and a positive future to a child or women in India?

Your A$40 monthly support will go towards:

  • Providing a safe, loving home to a disadvantaged child or woman
  • Providing basic needs such as safe shelter, food, water, clothing etc.
  • Providing access to medical care
  • Providing education and/or vocational training
  • You can choose to sponsor:

You can choose to sponsor either a girl or boy:

Girl sponsorships:  Over 300 girls live in family group homes at Mukti’s main campus in Kedgaon. If you have a heart to sponsor a girl living with a particular disability, you can do so.

Boy sponsorships: Mukti’s daycare centre in one of the largest red-light districts in India provides a safe secure environment for children from the local area. For those with a working mother a night shelter is also available.


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