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Project Summary

Child Sponsorship

$40 per month/child

Sri Lanka

Tax Deductible

Updated 24-02-2022

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Key Points

  • Mukti supports destitude and abandoned children
  • Provide safe shelter, medical care, education, and basic necessities
  • Raised in loving and supporting Christian community

Project Details

Wings of Hope in Sri Lanka seeks to empower vulnerable women and children to develop an understanding of their own personal worth and realise the potential within themselves to live a purpose-filled life. Wings of Hope has two locations, one working amongst a slum community in Colombo, another working amongst tea picker communities in the hill stations of Hatton.

The project supports these communities through:

  • homework clubs to help poor and vulnerable children keep up in school
  • medical check-ups, medicine and vaccinations
  • meals and nutritional supplements
  • vocational, business and life skills training and support
  • health, hygiene, family planning and rights awareness training
  • early Childhood Care and Education Centres

You can support this amazing and inspiring work by becoming a partner in the Wings of Hope Sponsorship Program.

Your $40 monthly support will go towards:

  • Providing nutritious meals and meal supplements
  • Providing educational support, supplies and stationary, school shoes and a school bag
  • Providing access to medical care
  • Providing a birthday present to the child
  • Supporting the child’s family through a mother’s program and access to micro-credit

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