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Project Summary

Child Sponsorship Disability Support

$40 per mth/child

Kenya, Myanmar, Philippines, and Zambia

Tax Deductible

Updated 28-04-2020

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Project Details

Sponsoring a child through the Deaf Action child sponsorship program is one way you can help make an enormous difference in the life of a deaf child. Sponsorship costs $40 per month, which helps to provide education in sign language, literacy, numeracy and vocational skills that will encourage these deaf children to later seek employment opportunities. This will allow then to make a valuable contribution to the welfare of their families and communities.  A child sponsorship will also help us to provide food and accommodation for children who live in remote areas who would otherwise not be able to access such facilities.

Child sponsorship is offered under the banner of Deaf Action, the aid and development arm of DMI’s ministry, and all donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.  More information about the relationship between DMI and Deaf Action can be found here.

$40 per month

By becoming a child sponsor, you become a vital link to educate deaf children in developing countries so that they can step out of a life of isolation and be a valued member of their community.

To sponsor a child, simply complete the form below.  We will send you a card with a photo and some information about a child you can sponsor.  You will also receive updates on your child’s progress during the year.


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