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Health Care Humanitarian Aid Livelihoods (Job Creation) Water & Sanitation

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Updated 04-04-2020

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Project Details

Our Community Transformation Fund supports projects helping the poor and marginalised in Africa and Asia, especially vulnerable women and people with disability.

 Community Transformation supports aid and development projects for poor and marginalised communities. Our aim is to see lives transformed through holistic, sustainable initiatives that lead to rekindled hope and restored dignity.


  • Clean water
  • Food security and sustainable agriculture
  • Education
  • Health care
  • Disability services
  • Improved nutrition and dietary supplements
  • Sanitation services and education
  • Vocational trainingIncome generation opportunities and micro enterprise

Community Transformation is all about impacting lives through education. We’re passionate about education because we know it has the power to lead to lasting change for families trapped in the cycle of poverty. 

Food Security & Clean Water

Education empowers the vulnerable and poor by giving them more choices. For many farm families in rural areas across Africa, sustainable sources of food are essential for their survival as they struggle with malnutrition and illnesses associated with a limited diet.

SIM Community Transformation projects help teach and implement sustainable farming techniques that are vital to ensure the future of rural families and their environment. Farm families are able to make improvements to their houses from produce sales and incorporate a larger variety of fruit and vegetable in their diet.

"These farm workers have had a lot of opportunity for personal growth – from learning how to calculate the profitability of a farm or business, to techniques for improving field crop yields..."  - SIM project manager

We also partner with local communities to provide access to safe drinking water through wells, water pumps and filters.

Health Care

Education also helps to improve health through awareness about hygiene, the spread of disease and HIV prevention. SIM helps train women in rural communities to become traditional birth attendants, empowering them to help reduce the risk of disease and complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

Through Community Transformation we’re helping to empower people with disabilities to live autonomously through physical rehabilitation and social integration.

“These children are rarely recognised as full persons because of their disability. They learn what it is to be loved. …Time and time again, I witnessed the transformation this love produces: from rejection to dignity, from desperation to hope.” – Eleanor, Burkina Faso

Vocational Training

Education helps people gain access to employment and micro-business, enabling families to lift themselves out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

“Through the project I was able to learn to read and write. I completed a tailoring course and started a sewing business. Now I am happy and I’m able to take care of my family.”  – Devi, India

“The training has helped me immensely. Learning how to produce metal framed beds, chairs and book shelves has enabled me to provide for my family.” – David, South Sudan

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