Christine Platt

CEO of Global Recordings Network Australia

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Christine Platt

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Christine Platt began serving as CEO of GRN Australia in 2012.

GRN tells the story of Jesus in almost 6,000 languages via websites, 5fish app and mp3 players. GRN Australia provides the computer systems and software to make this happen.  It records gospel messages in aboriginal and Sudanese languages. It provides studio support to GRN globally along with recordist training expertise. It supports the work of GRN in Southern Africa, several Asian countries and PNG. It keeps Aussie and Kiwi churches informed of the work God is doing through GRN around the world and seeks partners in prayer, finances and ministry.

Christine is a member of GRN’s International Leadership Team and travels regularly to visit GRN offices supported by Australia.

Christine leads a team of about 30 staff and many volunteers who do this work. All GRN staff need a team of personal ministry partners to prayerfully and financially support them – including Christine!

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