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About GRN

Global Recordings Network (GRN) is a Christian missionary organisation that makes audio recordings of the Bible and Bible stories. Our passion is for there to be gospel materials available in EVERY LANGUAGE in the world. We have produced gospel materials in over 6,000 languages, which are available for free download from our websites and mobile applications. We are a modern mission that uses the latest technologies to reach people in the most appropriate and effective ways. 

MissionStatement: In partnership with the church, to effectively communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ by means of culturally appropriate audio and audio-visual materials in EVERY LANGUAGE. If you volunteer with us you will be respected as a professional and empowered to work on projects that you are skilled in and passionate about. Wherever possible we are flexible in regard to family, travel or other commitments. We provide specific job & project descriptions with clear expectations for you to consider. Please contact us. We welcome a coffee and a chat, and would love to hear from you.

GRN projects include:

GRN projects
Computer Equipment and Upgrades.
Replace aging computer equipment and do upgrades.
GRN projects
GRN Leadership training in 2021
It is important to ensure those with leadership qualities are mentored and trained.
GRN projects
Philippines - Mindoro Islands. Kawa Saka 2021.
Deputation, recording and translation work.

GRN workers include:

Christine Platt
Christine Platt
CEO of Global Recordings Network Australia
Mark (and Melanie) Hughes
Mark (and Melanie) Hughes
Manager of Admin, Promotions, Marketing & Volunteers

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