Dave and Caz

Intercultural workers in South East Asia

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Livelihoods (Job Creation) Unreached people groups

South East Asia

Education & Training

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Dave and Caz

Worker Details

Dave and Caz have considerable experience in cross-cultural life and work. Along with their sons, Ben and Daniel, they moved to South East Asia in 2000 and worked hard to learn the language of the people they serve, and gain an understanding of their culture and worldview.

For the last several years Dave and Caz have been engaged in education consultancy, seeking to improve local teaching standards by providing capacity building and professional development to lecturers and teachers.

Dave and Caz established and supervise a vocational training college in South East Asia. The training offered is highly valued and respected by local people. The college provides opportunities for other interested Australians to come and make a contribution using their professional skills.

As they interact with people in their local community, Dave and Caz have many opportunities to share with people at a deep level concerning spiritual issues. They long to see individuals and communities experiencing a life-changing encounter with Jesus.

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