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Intercultural workers in South East Asia

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Pat and Joy

Worker Details

Pat and Joy joined the team in South East Asia in early 2019. They are empty nesters who have experienced many intercultural activities through work and their everyday lives. This gave them both a love for people of other cultural and faith backgrounds. Several Global Exposure trips fuelled a passion for serving interculturally.

Previously Pat worked in the telecommunications industry. He enjoys a good coffee and working with technology. Joy's background in administration led to serving in a Baptist Mission Australia State Office, a pastoral role, TESOL training and deeper community involvement.

They love coming alongside people and encouraging them in life or whatever they are doing. Their experiences and interests have prepared them for their roles in supporting the team and staff at the Education Foundation.

Pat and Joy dedicate most of their time learning the culture and language, so they may share the Gospel in a way that makes sense to their friends. They are encouraged by relationships that are starting to grow and inspired meeting people with transformed lives and their deep desire to share their hope.

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