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Yousif Kunda and Vivian Ajawin

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  • Language Translation

Worker Details

Yousif is GRN Recordist with Global Recordings Network Australia. He is married to Vivian, a high school teacher from the Shilluk tribe of South Sudan, and they have 4 adult children. They lived and worked in Khartoum, Sudan. Yousif served with Campus Crusade for Christ International and with Sudan Interior Mission (SIM) as Arabic Ministries Director. They travelled to Cairo, Egypt with their children due to the civil war where Vivian worked with Joint Relief Ministry, while Yousif worked in a Catholic school.

In 2006 they arrived in Melbourne, Australia. Yousif and Vivian are partner agency missionaries with GRN and Australian Presbyterian World Mission (APWM).

As a trained recordist, Yousif undertakes recording field trips; having recorded Gospel messages, songs and scripture in Africa and central Australia, and works in the studio with existing recordings, as well as completing translation work. Vivian is working alongside as they prepare to move to Uganda to serve with GRN as a recording team.

Yousif and Vivian have spent 2020 with SILA studying linguistics and related subjects in Kangaroo Ground, Victoria, in preparation for their next phase of ministry. They are now keen to head off and use that knowledge to create Gospel messages that people will really understand and relate to in their own languages. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, that creating won't be happening in Africa next year, but they are hoping to head into some Aboriginal communities in northern Australia.

Many Aboriginal people speak their own language on a daily basis, but struggle to read it. The best language for them to learn about God and get to know their Saviour is their own language, but they need to hear rather than read it. Yousif and Vivian plan to record audio and audio-visual materials; translated scripture, songs, Bible stories, testimonies - in Aboriginal languages, spoken by Aboriginal people.

In order to go they will need somewhere to live, transportation, and will need to top up their support team which has diminished over the course of the year. Would you be willing to pray for Yousif and Vivian and the people they serve? Would you contribute towards this vital ministry?


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