Yousif Kunda and Vivian Ajawin

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Yousif Kunda and Vivian Ajawin

Key Points

  • Recordists
  • Sudan
  • Global Recordings Network Australia
  • Language Translation

Worker Details

Yousif is GRN Recordist of Global Recordings Network Australia. He is married to Vivian a high school teacher from the Shilluk tribe of South Sudan and they have 4 adult kids. They lived and worked in Sudan, Khartoum. Yousif served with Campus Crusade for Christ International and with Sudan Interior Mission (SIM) as Arabic Ministries director. They travelled to Cairo, Egypt with their children due to the civil war. Vivian worked with Joint Relief Ministry, while Yousif worked in a Catholic school.

In 2006 they arrived in Melbourne, Australia. Yousif and Vivian are partner agency missionaries with GRN and Australian Presbyterian World Mission (APWM).

Yousif is a trained recordist, doing field trips and working in the studio with existing recordings, as well as undertaking translation work. Vivian has transferred from the GRN administration department to the GRN studios. She is working alongside as they prepare to move to Uganda to serve with GRN as recordist.

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