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Stephanie Hale Australia

Stephanie Hale

Personnel Administrator
Mission Office

Lachlan and Tiffany Struthers Albania

Lachlan and Tiffany Struthers

Mobiliser and Personnel Manager
Camp Ministry Children and Youth Ministries Innovative Outreach Mission Office Young Adults

Ben Everard Australia

Ben Everard

Victorian State Representative and People Care Specialist
Children and Youth Ministries Mission Office Young Adults

Victor Santoso Australia

Victor Santoso

IT Specialist
Mission Office

McKay Family Japan

McKay Family

Brand Document Manager
Mission Office

Trish Sonsie Australia

Trish Sonsie

Head Bookkeeper
Mission Office

Jessie Wei Australia

Jessie Wei

Christian Resources Mission Office Theological Students in Australia Young Adults

Jane Pemberton Australia

Jane Pemberton

Missions Mentor
Mission Office

Freyja Saunderson Australia

Freyja Saunderson

HR Manager
Mission Office

Chris and Sarah Griffioen Japan

Chris and Sarah Griffioen

National Ministries Leader
Mission Office

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