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Small Business Start-Up Fund

General Funds Needed
Livelihoods (Job Creation)

Provide training and/or start-up costs to enable persecuted Christians to support themselves

Community Transformation Fund

General Funds Needed
Health Care Humanitarian Aid Livelihoods (Job Creation) Water & Sanitation

Support projects helping to provide clean water, food sustainability, health and hygiene education,

Gift of Love – Goat

Family Support Livelihoods (Job Creation)

One goat can provide much needed milk and cheese for a family


$300 per cow
Livelihoods (Job Creation)

Help a family help themselves with the gift of a cow

Education Foundation

$47,700 Funds Needed
Livelihoods (Job Creation)

The Education Foundation is employing and upskilling local people

Vocational Training Centre Project

General Funds Needed
Livelihoods (Job Creation)

Help provide a free, quality, co-ed education to students who are impacted by leprosy or disability

Women in Need Skills Training (WIN)

General Funds Needed
Livelihoods (Job Creation) Women Empowerment

Focuses on training young women who are in need

Gift of Love – Small Business Start-Up

Livelihoods (Job Creation)

Kick start a small business.

Livelihood Opportunity

$30 (suggested amount)
Livelihoods (Job Creation)

A job, a mentor and a chance at education for young men living in poverty

AOG World Relief Vietnam

General Funds Needed
Health Care Livelihoods (Job Creation) Water & Sanitation

working alongside communities to create and coordinate development plans

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