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About Bread

BREAD – Barnabas Relief Education and Development – is a Christian faith based humanitarian agency dedicated to serving vulnerable communities.Working in partnership with local Christian organisations, we focus on initiatives that seek to improve the lives of oppressed and marginalised minorities.

BREAD and its partners are committed to international standards of good practice and conduct in relief/development, and its responses will conform to such recognised standards as Sphere Standards and ACNC External Conduct Standards. Furthermore, BREAD strives to build local capacities through conducting participatory planning processes, inclusion of vulnerable groups, a focus on cultural appropriateness, and providing assistance in restoring vital norms such as schools, hospitals, income generation, recreation, and other meaningful community interventions.

BREAD exists to equip and inspire the local church to defend the rights of the poor and needy, by seeking to unite and empower the local partners to respond to wholistic needs of the vulnerable communities.

Bread projects include:

Bread projects
Provide a Community with a Hand-washing Station
Help prevent diseases and the spread of Covid-19 in global communities most in need.
Bread projects
Humanitarian Relief Shipping Container
Help Financially Cover the Cost to Export Humanitarian Aid

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