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Global Aid Network (GAiN) is the humanitarian partner of Power to Change

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About GAIN

Global Aid Network (GAiN) Australia demonstrates the love of God by revealing hope and restoring lives through relief and development projects for people in crisis and poverty.

Sharing the transforming message of God's love is foundational to our work and is a guiding principle for all our activities. We remain impartial and non-discriminatory in the delivery of aid and executing community development projects. GAiN projects support the advancement of the Great Commission and the Great Commandments through humanitarian kindness, which helps our partners gain access, build credibility, and increase effectiveness.

GAiN in Australia has several focus areas. We run short-term medical missions in the Philippines, Cambodia and India, working with local teams to ensure the work continues even after the short-term teams leave. We also respond to major disasters when there is a need through our global connections. Further, we have an initiative to bring safe drinking water to local communities in Africa. GAiN is able to provide the local community with clean water, health education and other development opportunities.

We intentionally promote the local church as a key partner and allow it to be seen as the center for community development.

Global Aid Network is the humanitarian partner of Power to Change in Australia and Cru globally. GAiN has offices in ten different nations and works in over fifty-two countries around the world. 


GAIN projects include:

GAIN projects
Disaster Response
Provision of emergency food, water, shelter and clothing. Looking after those in need
GAIN projects
Medical Missions
Support the serving of the worlds’ poor through provision of medical care and provisions
GAIN projects
Water for Life Initiative (One well to support 1,000 people)
Providing capped water wells of safe, pure, disease-free drinking water for the thirsty.

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