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About SGA

Slavic Gospel Association Inc. is an inter-denominational mission committed to equipping national believers of the former Soviet Union (now known as the Commonwealth of Independent States or C.I.S. ) reach their own regions with the Gospel. SGA raises funds from supporters across Australia to assist with printing and distribution of Bibles, New Testaments, Bible commentaries and other Christian material in Russian and also the languages of each republic. We help financially support pastors and missionaries, children's summer camps, ministry to orphans, prison and drug-rehabilitation ministry, church building project, and also in reaching the remote regions of Russia via aviation ministries.


SGA projects include:

SGA projects
Orphanage Ministries
There are large numbers of children in orphanages across the former Soviet Union
SGA projects
Bibles & Literature Distribution
Russian-language Bibles and Christian literature can still be very hard to obtain.
SGA projects
Summer Camp Sponsorships
Raise funds to pay for disadvantaged children to attend camps where they can learn about God's love.

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