Prisons Ministries

Raise support for ministry teams to conduct Bible studies and outreach within prison walls.
Slavic Gospel Association Inc.

Slavic Gospel Association Inc.

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Prison Ministry

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Former Soviet Union

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Updated 03-04-2020

Project Details

Prisoners, especially those in despair, need to hear there is hope through the shed-blood of Christ. SGA raises support for ministry teams to conduct Bible studies and outreaches within prison walls.

The Lord is seeking and saving the lost, even those that are guilty of some of the most horrendous crimes. Because He loves them, He sends His workers with the only message that can bring new life – that He redeemed them through the blood of His Son (Eph 1:7).

Prisons ministry is powerful, but not always safe or easy, so please pray for these beloved lawbreakers and for the various prison-ministries.

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