Cure One Person from Leprosy

$36/ mth for 1 year can cure someone from leprosy

The Leprosy Mission Australia

The Leprosy Mission Australia

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$36 a month cures one


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Updated 11-05-2020

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You provide the medicine and support that eradicates this ancient and still-feared disease of leprosy.

When you Cure One, they will receive medical expertise, life-saving multi-drug therapy, support throughout their course of treatment and be completely cured through The Leprosy Mission with your help.

Care for

Your gifts will treat leprosy’s physical damage.

Hospital stays and medical care like this are often beyond the reach of poor families and communities.

Support from people like you is their only hope. Some may need a prosthetic or assistive device if they have lost toes, fingers or a limb.


Restoring lives is vital, because of the fear, rejection and stigma that still surrounds the ancient grief of leprosy.

As a Cure One supporter, you will be giving someone back what leprosy has taken away and give them hope for a better future.

Encourage a friend to support Cure One Person from Leprosy.

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