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Children and Youth Ministries

$203 per tablet

Kolkata & Chennai (India)

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Updated 01-05-2020

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Project Details

At present the whole of India is in lockdown because of the Corona virus pandemic. This means that many of our sponsored children are not receiving any education. We plan to supply Android Tablets to as many of our children as possible to enable on-line learning. Most of the middle and upper class children already have access to these facilities with those schools being able to deliver on-line education. But our children in poorer regions do not.

So we are asking you to donate as much as you can to this project. The tablets will be Samsung Galaxy Tab E, 9.6” screen, SIM card, 8Gb of storage and locked down in Kids Mode with additional educational software used by State Education Departments. They will be supervised by volunteer teachers who are already working in a number of our programs. And yes, we are aware of what many will think, that remote regions don’t have internet. You may be surprised that India has a wide spread mobile phone network, with internet access, because it is much cheaper to provide than a landline phone network.

The cost of the Tablets will be around AUD203 with the DIKSHA app pre-installed, (go ahead and Google it) The DIKSHA platform offers teachers, students and parents engaging learning material relevant to the prescribed school curriculum. Our office in India is already consulting with Education Departments so see what additional apps may be useful.

You may be concerned about the physical security of these units, as are we. So we are targeting two areas initially, both urban slums, one in Kolkata where many of you have sponsor children, and one in Chennai, where we can control these assets The number of children we can reach will depend on how generously you give to this appeal, so please give bigly, to quote a certain US President.

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