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Working to reunite children living in institutions with their families.

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Updated 25-05-2020

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In Myanmar it is common for children to be separated from their families and placed in orphanages and children’s homes. This happens due to poverty, family breakdown and lack of schools in remote areas. Families lack awareness of how incredibly damaging institutional care is to a child’s holistic wellbeing and development, and often believe that sending their children away is what’s best for them, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

In response to these issues, Kinnected Myanmar is working to reintegrate and reunite children with their families; provide support to strengthen families and communities to prevent future separation, and run workshops to raise awareness about child rights and child protection. It is Kinnected Myanmar’s vision to see children safely placed back into families or family-based care, and the safe closure of Residential Care Institutions across Myanmar. 

Thank you for helping to protect vulnerable families from separation, and keep children out of institutions!

Kinnected Myanmar is a registered NGO in Myanmar (1/local/0822) and is an initiative of ACCI Relief.

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