Kinnected’s COVID-19 Response

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Updated 25-05-2020

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ACC International Relief is committed to protecting each child’s right to be nurtured and raised in a loving family. To this end, we developed the Kinnected program, which seeks to take a proactive approach to scaling down the use of residential care and assisting children within the context of their families.

You can learn more about Kinnected via the project website button. 

Kinnected’s COVID-19 Response

During a global health crisis such as COVID19, there is a heightened necessity to intentionally recognise and respond to the protection of children. Unfortunately, a disaster such as this often disproportionately affects vulnerable people groups, especially children. It is vital that the needs of children are identified, responded to, resourced and supported.

Our Kinnected Partners continue to stay actively engaged in their communities in many different countries- finding creative ways to support and protect vulnerable children and families throughout the COVID19 pandemic.

With your support, we can do more to help support families during this crisis in these ways.

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