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F/T Christian ministry is difficult when local churches can't afford to support their own pastors.

Slavic Gospel Association Inc.

Slavic Gospel Association Inc.

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Updated 03-04-2020

Pastoral Support
Pastoral Support
Pastoral Support
Pastoral Support

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Full-time Christian ministry in the former USSR is difficult when local churches can't afford to support their own pastors. SGA helps by coordinating sponsorships and raising support.

SGA connects Australian Christians with Slavic church-planting missionaries, and helps to send them out to targeted regions where they live, work and proclaim the Gospel. They have a tremendous advantage because they already know the language, culture and history of their people.

Sponsors receive their sponsored pastor's name, location and background information. SGA helps facilitate communication between the missionary and sponsors, so that all may rejoice in what God is doing across the former Soviet Union.

The backgrounds of the missionaries are varied, and their dedication is such that many of them are ministering in three to five locations simultaneously. A significant number also have ministries to prison inmates, drug addicts and orphan children. Many former prisoners who have been gloriously saved have moved on to become church-planters themselves.

If you'd like to find out how you can sponsor a faithful missionary pastor in Russia or her neighboring countries, contact our office.

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