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Barnabas Fund Australia

Barnabas Fund Australia

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Child Sponsorship

$30 per child/mth

Where needed

Not Tax Deductible

Updated 18-08-2021

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Many parents are uneducated themselves and remain trapped in a cycle of poverty and illiteracy, made worse by discrimination. But with an education and qualifications,their children then have the hope of getting decent jobs, enabling them to support their parents and build up the whole of their downtrodden Christian community.

You can sponsor a Christian schoolchild by giving a regular monthly donation, enabling them to grow in body, mind and spirit. Your monthly gift will be used for school fees, other educational expenses, and in many cases food too. The amount needed varies from school to school, but an average figure is *$30 per child per month. A regular gift of any amount will make you a Living Streams sponsor.

We will provide you with a prayer card showing a photograph and details of your sponsored child, as well as regular updates about their progress. Unfortunately, we cannot normally arrange for the exchange of letters between you and the child. This is due to security issues in regions of persecution, and so that we can keep administration costs down and maximise the help given to the child.

To sponsor a Christian schoolchild you can visit our website barnabasfund.org/livingstreams


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