Strengthen suffering Christians through the gift of a Bible

Approx $8 per Bible

Barnabas Fund Australia

Barnabas Fund Australia

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Christian Resources Persecuted Christians

$8 per Bible/mth

Where needed

Not Tax Deductible

Updated 24-05-2020

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By joining Living Streams you can become part of a continuous life-flow helping Christians living with pressure and persecution. You can help to strengthen the faith of suffering Christians by investing in the gift of a Bible every month. Whether they are enduring severe poverty, discrimination, upheaval or victimisation, when persecuted Christians receive God’s Word in their own language it is like ”living water” restoring parched souls.

The typical cost of one Bible is $8. But you can help strengthen Christians by the precious gift of Scriptures for any regular donation, large or small. 

If you commit to regular monthly giving for Bibles and Scriptures, you will receive a twice-yearly newsletter telling how your gifts are changing lives.

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