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Barnabas Fund Australia

Barnabas Fund Australia

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Project Summary

Persecuted Christians Worker Support

$50 per staff/mth

Where needed

Not Tax Deductible

Updated 14-09-2020

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Project Details

Your regular monthly gift of *$50 could help maintain a pastor, church-planter or evangelist and their family so they can continue their essential ministry in situations of poverty and persecution.

Your regular monthly assistance covers a portion of their living and ministry expenses, enabling pastors and evangelists to focus on their preaching, teaching, evangelism or pastoral care.

We will provide you with regular news updates about the work of the pastors, church-planters and evangelists supported by Barnabas Fund around the world, whom you are helping with your donations.

We suggest *$50 a month, but donations of any amount will make

you part of the Living Streams.

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