"Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus" Book Translation and Publication

A Hui translation of this important book to reach Chinese muslims



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Project Summary

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Updated 18-05-2020

"Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus" Book Translation and Publication
"Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus" Book Translation and Publication
"Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus" Book Translation and Publication
"Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus" Book Translation and Publication

Key Points

  • "Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus" is one of New York Times Bestseller.
  • Nabeel Qureshi grew up as a religious Muslim in America.
  • Autobiography of how Nabeel came to faith in Christ.
  • This book has impacted the lives of many believers from a Muslim background.

Project Details

The Hui

  • Is an unreached people group of 15 million, mostly in China.
  • Followers of Islam.
  • Approximately 3000 believers in Christ - that's only 0.02% of the whole population.

What makes this book so special?

  • It writes about Islam from an insider's perspective.
  • Shows love for Muslims and their culture without compromising the gospel.
  • It is written for both Muslim seekers of Christ as well as Christians seeking to reach Muslims for Christ.

The Need for a Hui translation

Though there is a Chinese translation of this book, it was originally translated by a team in Taiwan for the Taiwanese audience. Our current team of cross cultural workers reaching the Hui people, have concluded that the Chinese translation was inappropriate for the Hui audience. There are simply too many issues such as the use of Taiwanese idioms, inappropriate translation of Islamic concepts, and lack of flow in langauge. Therefore, a team has spent the past year redoing the translation from scratch. They focused on making the book easier to read, using Hui terms to explain Islamic concepts and using Scripture quotation from the Hui Bible.


There are two reasons why we need to use Hui idioms and culture expressions wherever appropriate:

  1. For the Hui believers: so that they won’t forget their own culture in the process of believing Jesus. Also, it reminds them that while they enjoy the fruits of the Spirit and the benefits of the Christian community, they also have the burden to take the gospel back home, to the millions of Hui who’ve yet to hear of this wonderful message.
  2. For workers amongst the Hui: it gives them the opportunity to learn about the people they are to reach in an easily digestible format, through a story. So that they might empathize with the struggles of Muslims as they come out of Islam and towards Christ.

How can you help?

The book translation is complete. However, there are on going costs in publishing and distribution of this book. Would you consider financially giving towards making these books available and ready to be given to Hui seekers or workers who can give them to those they are in contact.

Examples of where the money will go to:

  • It coast 1$USD for each e-book to be made available.
  • 7$USD for each physical book, including shipping.
  • Website maintenance and upgrade.
  • Marketing and promotion in order to reach target audience.


Head to https://pioneers.org.au/give/donate/

Under "My Donation is for", please enter SEEKING4HUI for the name of the project.

Follow the payment instructions to complete the donation.

For more information regarding this project, please contact Joy at jlongden@pioz.net.   


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