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Gift of Love – Protective Shoes

Disability Support Health Care

This Gift of Love will provide adapted shoes to protect vulnerable feet.

Gift of Love – Eye Surgery

Disability Support Health Care

Give the priceless gift of sight with eye surgery for a leprosy patient.

Tropical Disease Control in Zamfara

General Funds Needed
Disability Support Health Care Humanitarian Aid Water & Sanitation

improve health services, train health workers, and increase access to health clinics at a local leve

Gift of Love – Counselling

Disability Support

Counselling helps people affected by leprosy who often face terrible discrimination and stigma.

Gift of Love – Contact Tracing

Disability Support Health Care Humanitarian Aid

Give the gift of leprosy screening to one family member of a person diagnosed with leprosy.

Gift of Love – Wheelchair

Disability Support

Allow a person with a disability to be mobile, so they can go out to work and socialise.

Gift of Love – Reconstructive Surgery

Disability Support Health Care

Provide a patient with this surgery to enable them to move their fingers or walk!

Gift of Love – Pair of Sunglasses

Disability Support Health Care

Imagine if your eyes could never fully close. Tiny specks of dust and dirt could cause infection

Love Heals

From $40
Disability Support Family Support Health Care Livelihoods (Job Creation)

Healthcare for people in remote or poor communities.

Gift of Love – Walking Aids

Disability Support Health Care

Support the load of those disabled by leprosy by providing a walking stick, cane or crutch.

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