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Sponsor a child in Cambodia

$49 per child per month
Child Sponsorship

Help disadvantaged children

Sponsor a Christian school child

$30 per child/mth
Child Sponsorship

Support students of persecuted Christian families

Sponsor a deaf child

$40 per mth/child
Child Sponsorship Disability Support

Village-based care for children effected by HIV/Aids

$10 per child/mth
Child Sponsorship

Education and Medical Support

Sponsor a child | Worldshare

A$49 per child per mth
Child Sponsorship

You can help a child enjoy life to the full – just as Jesus intended.

Sponsor a Child

$38 Monthly
Child Sponsorship

Sponsor a Child - Bridge of Hope is bringing hope to children, transforming communities

Family Sponsorships

$40 Monthly
Children and Youth Ministries Child Sponsorship Family Support Humanitarian Aid Livelihoods (Job Creation) Poor Water & Sanitation

Transforming lives across generations

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