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About Japan

  • Population: 125.6 million
  • Language (Official): Japanese
  • Region: Asia, Northeast
  • Number of People Groups: 38
  • People Groups Unreached: 26
  • Population in Unreached: 122,893,000

Christian Denominiations(%)
Evangelical Christians(%)

Source: Joshua Project

Australian Christian Workers in Japan

6 workers
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Elisa Chin Japan

Elisa Chin

Field Worker
Unreached people groups

Ames Family Japan

Ames Family

Regional Member Care Coordinator
Developing Christian Leaders

Chris and Sarah Griffioen Japan

Chris and Sarah Griffioen

National Ministries Leader
Mission Office

McKay Family Japan

McKay Family

Brand Document Manager
Mission Office

Nathan and Tomoko Stewart Japan

Nathan and Tomoko Stewart

Church Ministries
Education for all

Eugene & Fiona Gebert Japan

Eugene & Fiona Gebert

Senior Pastors of Waku Waku Life Church, Outreach
Church Planting and Growth Unreached people groups

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