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Computer Equipment and Upgrades.

General Funds Needed
Mission Office

Replace aging computer equipment and do upgrades.

GRN Leadership training in 2021

General Funds Needed
Governance Unreached people groups

It is important to ensure those with leadership qualities are mentored and trained.

Thailand Building Maintenance Project

$9,720 Funds Needed
Building and Maintenance

Help improve the building for GRN Thailand and make it more secure.

Malawi Project

Christian Resources

Evangelism and Making Disciples

The Living Christ in Standard Arabic

Christian Resources Innovative Outreach Muslims Persecuted Christians Refugee Support

Help Tell the Story of Jesus to Arabic Speaking Refugees

Equip a Recordist

Christian Resources Worker Support

Enable people to hear the gospel in their own language

Support A National Worker

$2,400 Annual
Christian Resources Worker Support

Help Bring the Gospel to all peoples by supporting a GRN's national workers

Philippines - Mindoro Islands. Kawa Saka 2021.

General Funds Needed
Unreached people groups

Deputation, recording and translation work.

Sponsor the Year of 5fish

General Funds Needed
Christian Resources

Help Tell the Story of Jesus in Every Language

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