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Global Recordings Network (Australia)

Global Recordings Network (Australia)

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Updated 19-10-2020

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Key Points

  • Training recordists is a huge challenge.
  • GRN Australia plays a major role in the task of recordist training.
  • Developing online content; Plus face-to-face training

Project Details

Unlike Australia, many of our recordists around the world live in countries that don't have access to professional audio training institutions. In addition, there is a lot of GRN specific information relating to translation, cross-cultural and theological issues that our recordists need to know. That is why GRN periodically runs in-house recordist training courses throughout the world.

GRN Australia plays a major role in the task of recordist training. We contribute technical support, curriculum development, funding, purchasing of equipment, and development of online resources.

Training recordists is a huge challenge. Not only are our recordists separated geographically, but often there are language barriers, cultural barriers and differing learning styles. This can make training difficult and expensive. However, we are currently in the process of introducing online training content which will supplement and enhance our face to face training. Students will be able to watch demonstration videos, listen to audio and interact through activities to facilitate their learning.

All of these training requirements need to be funded. The total cost of a training course varies depending on location, local economy and duration.

We invite you to partner with us by providing the resources needed to cover the costs of this important training.

To find out more about GRN's training course needs please contact Christine Platt in the Australian office.

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