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Bibles and Scriptures Fund

General Funds Needed
Christian Resources

Many persecuted Christians are deprived of Christian resources that would help them grow.

Love Understands

Children and Youth Ministries Christian Resources Developing Christian Leaders Student Ministry Young Adults

People from different backgrounds building mutual respect

Support A National Worker

$2,400 Annual
Christian Resources Worker Support

Help Bring the Gospel to all peoples by supporting a GRN's national workers

Sponsor the Year of 5fish

General Funds Needed
Christian Resources

Help Tell the Story of Jesus in Every Language

Bibles & Literature Distribution

General Funds Needed
Christian Resources

Russian-language Bibles and Christian literature can still be very hard to obtain.

Bible translation for Indigenous Languages

General Funds Needed
Christian Resources Indigenous Australian Ministries

Projects grown from Indigenous Christians' inspiration and initiative

Equip a Recordist

Christian Resources Worker Support

Enable people to hear the gospel in their own language

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