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Africa Mile Deep Strategy

Christian Resources Developing Christian Leaders

Support theology training in Africa

Pasifika Strategy

$15,000 per family per yr
Developing Christian Leaders

Transforming the pacific church through Christian leader development

Shoulder to Shoulder Project 4 - Training & Care (*Tax Deductible)

$10K-$20K per college
Health Care Humanitarian Aid

OCA provides funding for trauma care training and for care packages in the community.

Masters in Transformational Development

$5,000 per student
Developing Christian Leaders

Fund scholarships for students

Shoulder to Shoulder Project 1 - Hardware & Software Upgrades for colleges

$3K- $10K per college
Developing Christian Leaders

Part of the Shoulder-to-shoulder Covid Strategy

Theological Student Sponsorship

$2,200 per student PA
Developing Christian Leaders

There can be few greater causes than training leaders for the church,

Shoulder to Shoulder Project 3 - New Courses to respond to Covid

$2K-$5K per college
Developing Christian Leaders

Produce new courses for colleges in developing countries

Shoulder to Shoulder Project 2 - Online Education

$1K-$3k per college
Christian Resources Developing Christian Leaders

Enable/improve education during Covid-19

Shoulder to Shoulder Strategy - During Covid-19

General Funds Needed
Developing Christian Leaders

Support theological students in developing countries during this difficult time

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