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Community Transformation Fund

General Funds Needed
Health Care Humanitarian Aid Livelihoods (Job Creation) Water & Sanitation

Support projects helping to provide clean water, food sustainability, health and hygiene education,

Small Business Start-Up Fund

General Funds Needed
Livelihoods (Job Creation)

Provide training and/or start-up costs to enable persecuted Christians to support themselves

Good Harvest

Funds needed
Livelihoods (Job Creation)

Vocational Training Centre Project

General Funds Needed
Livelihoods (Job Creation)

Help provide a free, quality, co-ed education to students who are impacted by leprosy or disability

Empowering Women

$125 per women
Livelihoods (Job Creation) Women Empowerment

Give a woman the keys to unlock her potential and create a better future for herself and her family.

Gift of Love – Pair of Chickens

Livelihoods (Job Creation)

This gift will help set up a poultry business.


$300 per cow
Livelihoods (Job Creation)

Help a family help themselves with the gift of a cow

Rural Income Generation

$37,680 Funds Needed
Livelihoods (Job Creation)

Help empower disadvantaged families to support themselves and improve their future

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