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Shoulder to Shoulder Project 3 - New Courses to respond to Covid

$2K-$5K per college
Developing Christian Leaders

Produce new courses for colleges in developing countries

Adopt a Recording Project

A$2,000 to-10,000
Christian Resources

Your donation will provide the resources for evangelists to reach a language group like the Amblong

Africa Famine Relief and Crisis Fund (Non-tax deductible)

General Funds Needed
Humanitarian Aid

Provide emergency relief for crises situations throughout Africa

Shoulder to Shoulder Project 4 - Training & Care (*Tax Deductible)

$10K-$20K per college
Health Care Humanitarian Aid

OCA provides funding for trauma care training and for care packages in the community.

Kinnected’s COVID-19 Response

General Funds Needed
Children and Youth Ministries Family Support

Keeping children in families

Mozambique Oral Bible Translation

$39,465 Funds Needed
Christian Resources Unreached people groups

Support the development of this oral Bible translation so the Yawo can hear the Word of God

Training African Translation Consultants – Study Tour

$43,000 Funds Needed
Christian Resources Developing Christian Leaders Worker Support

Training African Translation

Masters in Transformational Development

$5,000 per student
Developing Christian Leaders

Fund scholarships for students

Agriculture & Income for vulnerable farmers

General Funds Needed
Livelihoods (Job Creation)

Helping release vulnerable farmers into new opportunities to grow food and earn an income

* Disclaimer: Please check details before making any donations.

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