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Project Summary

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Updated 12-06-2020

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Key Points

  • nationals (especially mother tongue translators)
  • Bible translation consultants

Project Details

One goal of the Wycliffe Australia K2K (Kolkata to Kapharnahum) Study Tour is to give an opportunity for nationals (especially mother tongue translators) who have the potential to become Bible translation consultants, an opportunity to visit Israel.

As one of their Supervisors has said “What my trainee will learn in Israel on the K2K Study Tour will help him to become a more competent bible translation consultant.”

The Coordinator for the Languages, Linguistics and Translation Department at the Africa International University (Kenya) wishes to send six students on the K2K Study Tour, for academic credit, as part of their Master’s degree in Bible Translation. The cost for each student will be $6,900. This funding covers their travel, accommodation, food, entry to National Parks and historic sites in Israel, text books and other materials they need for their studies. All six students are African Bible translation consultants-in-training.

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