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Tim & Jane Letcher

Bible Translation

Noel & Catharine Carpenter Australia

Noel & Catharine Carpenter

Aviation & Translation & Literacy
Christian Resources Indigenous Australian Ministries Innovative Outreach

Alan & Lucy Rogers Australia

Alan & Lucy Rogers

Arts, Language Assessment, Media, Scripture Engagement
Indigenous Australian Ministries

Gordon & Corry Thompson Australia

Talitha Follent Papua New Guinea

Talitha Follent

School Teacher
Children and Youth Ministries Developing Christian Leaders Family Support

Ross Cruickshank Australia

Ross Cruickshank

Software Development
Education for all Unreached people groups

David & Ming Fang Strickland Australia

David & Ming Fang Strickland

Bible Translation
Christian Resources Indigenous Australian Ministries

Jessie Wei Australia

Jessie Wei

Christian Resources Mission Office Theological Students in Australia Young Adults

Rachel Borneman Australia

Rachel Borneman

Scripture Engagement
Children and Youth Ministries Christian Resources Indigenous Australian Ministries

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