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About Australia

  • Population: 25.8 million
  • Language (Official): English
  • Region: Australia and Pacific
  • Number of People Groups: 202
  • People Groups Unreached: 30
  • Population in Unreached: 1,456,000

Christian Denominiations(%)
Evangelical Christians(%)

Source: Joshua Project

Australian Christian Workers in Australia

24 workers
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Rod & Abby Bishop Australia

Rod & Abby Bishop

Business Manager / Communications
Church Planting and Growth

Financial Support Needed

Ross Cruickshank Australia

Ross Cruickshank

Software Development
Education for all Unreached people groups

Rachel Borneman Australia

Rachel Borneman

Scripture Engagement
Children and Youth Ministries Christian Resources Indigenous Australian Ministries

Alvin and Narelle Chai Australia

Alvin and Narelle Chai

Indigenous Ministry
Indigenous Australian Ministries

Yousif Kunda and Vivian Ajawin Australia

Financial Support Needed

Linda Gouldsmith Australia

Linda Gouldsmith

Chief Executive Officer
Children and Youth Ministries Child Sponsorship

Financial Support Needed

Tim & Jane Letcher Australia

Tim & Jane Letcher

Scripture Engagement
Christian Resources

Jessie Wei Australia

Jessie Wei

Christian Resources Mission Office Theological Students in Australia Young Adults

Mark (and Melanie) Hughes Australia

Mark (and Melanie) Hughes

Manager of Admin, Promotions, Marketing & Volunteers
Unreached people groups

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