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GRN Leadership training in 2021

General Funds Needed
Governance Unreached people groups

It is important to ensure those with leadership qualities are mentored and trained.

Theological Student Sponsorship

$2,200 per student PA
Developing Christian Leaders

There can be few greater causes than training leaders for the church,

Equip a Recordist

Christian Resources Worker Support

Enable people to hear the gospel in their own language

Cure One Person from Leprosy

$36 a month cures one
Health Care

$36/ mth for 1 year can cure someone from leprosy

Disaster Response

General Funds Needed
Humanitarian Aid

Provision of emergency food, water, shelter and clothing. Looking after those in need

COVID-19 Global Emergency Appeal

General Funds Needed
Humanitarian Aid

It’s time to band together to help stop the rapid spread of coronavirus.

Project Philip

General Funds Needed
Christian Resources

A Bible study program that helps people around the world to understand God’s Word

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