Craig and Kim

Intercultural workers among the Khmer of Cambodia

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Craig and Kim

Worker Details

In May 2018, Craig and Kim along with their four children, Henry, Amaya, Reuben and Elodie arrived in Cambodia to join the team serving among the Khmer. 

In the years preceding this, they felt God tugging on their hearts to follow Him cross-culturally. They felt they were ‘unavailable’ as they had a large mortgage, two young children and Kim was pregnant with twins. Around the same time Craig went on a Global Exposure trip to South Asia and was able to see how the workers used fish-farming to empower the poor and as an opportunity to share the hope of Jesus.

In 2012 they sold their house and business and moved to Tasmania where Craig undertook studies in Aquaculture. In 2015 they lived and studied at the Worldview Centre for Intercultural Studies. Living among a multicultural community was exciting and challenging and gave them a taste of life in a cross-cultural setting. Since making themselves available they have seen God do extraordinary things in their lives, showing them that He is their provider.

For their first years in Cambodia, Craig and Kim will focus on learning the local culture and language with a Khmer language nurturer. They hope to use their skills in aquaculture and paediatric nursing to build relationships with the Khmer people and to encourage them in discovering who Jesus is and how they can follow Him within their own culture.

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