Franz (and Heidi) Brosch

Software Engineer
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Global Recordings Network Australia

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Franz (and Heidi) Brosch

Key Points

  • Software Engineer
  • Global Recordings Network Australia
  • 5Fish
  • Development of iPhone version of 5Fish

Worker Details

Franz joined GRN in 2013 after having migrated from Germany to Australia the year before. His heartfelt desire is to help spread the Gospel and see the Kingdom of God advanced. He is excited about the opportunity that GRN provides for him to use his software engineering skills towards this goal. As a member of GRN's Information Systems team, Franz focuses on the development of the iPhone version of the 5fish app. 5fish is GRN's way of making its recordings in more than 6,000 languages and dialects freely available to everyone. Franz strives to make 5fish for iPhone as high-quality as it can be and to keep it up to date with latest technological developments.

Beyond his work at GRN, Franz is currently doing theological studies. He is also an intern at his local church, where he is involved in worship ministry and pastoral activities.

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