Pete and Nomes

Intercultural workers among the H people of Central Asia

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Central Asia

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Pete and Nomes

Worker Details

Pete, Nomes and their three kids, R, A and J, have been living among the H people of Central Asia since early 2018.

Pete has a background in software engineering and enjoys music, sport and chatting with people. Since moving to Central Asia, Pete has focused on immersing himself in the world of the H people. He meets with H friends on a daily basis, learning language and culture through conversation, storytelling and shared experiences.

Nomes has a background in early childhood education. She is practical, down-to-earth and loves to read, teach and organise. Nomes has been working at a bilingual school in the heart of their city. She teaches English in the primary school, and is learning language and building relationships with the staff and students.

Pete and Nomes are committed to building authentic relationships and want nothing more than to see their H friends experience the joy and freedom of knowing Jesus.

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