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Tim & Jane Letcher

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  • Bible Translation
  • Alice Springs, Northern Territory

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God’s Word is ‘a lamp to my feet and light to my path’ (Ps 119:105). But how can people walk without stumbling if they can’t access the Bible
in a way they understand? In 2015 we moved to the Alyawarr lands with the aim of helping people there to understand God’s Word.

Portions of the Bible have been translated into Alyawarr but only a few people regularly use this Bible. For many people, reading is a laborious activity, so alongside helping them to overcome this, we are also keen to help them engage with the Bible through various other means. These include Bible teaching, listening to Scripture in audio formats, creating Christian paintings and songs.

There are about fifteen Alyawarr communities with a total of about 1800 speakers of the language. Epenarra, where we live, is 540 km northeast of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

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