Tristan and Megan

Cross-cultural workers among the Khmer of Cambodia

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Unreached people groups


Community Development, Evangelism & Discipleship

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Tristan and Megan

Worker Details

Tristan and Megan have faithfully and obediently responded to God’s call and in 2018 began serving in Cambodia among the Khmer.

Tristan has experience in steel fabrication and qualified in training and assessment. He has a desire to see young people acquire practical qualifications that will lead to employment. Megan has a passion for improving the health and wellbeing of those with limited resources and opportunities. She also loves to nurture deep relationships with women, encouraging them through challenging times. Megan is a registered nurse and has a Masters of Public Health. 

As part of their preparation and training for cross-cultural ministry, Tristan and Megan studied at Bible College to deepen their understanding of the Bible and who Jesus is for them and others, and how to share His message.

​For their first years in Cambodia, Tristan and Megan will focus on learning the local culture and language with a Khmer language nurturer. Tristan and Megan look forward to raising their sons Zechariah and Samuel in a culture that is different from their own, encouraging them to develop their own relationship with Jesus. The whole family will be spending their first three years studying the Khmer language and culture and building connections with the local people.

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