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We use inspiring art to share the good news and equip people
God's Dreaming

God's Dreaming

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$10K Team Travel Target


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Updated 20-05-2020

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Many people* struggle to engage with a gospel communicated in words alone. We use inspiring art to share the good news and equip people (including you) to tell the Bible's story in a way that everyone can understand.

Every God’s Dreaming purchase and donation helps us share the amazing story of God’s love and faithfulness: the good news of Jesus Christ. This brings hope and light to people’s lives.

Everything we do is geared to getting this message out to those who need to hear it. We are very excited to be able to do this and hope you share our joy. 

*for example, those with languages other than English, children, Indigenous, deaf or illiterate people and visually oriented people (such as artists)

We are aiming to raise $10,000 per year to cover travel costs for teams (indigenous and non-indigenous working together) going to NT, WA, SA, and VIC.

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