COVID-19 Project

GRN and the Coronavirus Crisis

Global Recordings Network (Australia)

Global Recordings Network (Australia)

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Project Summary

Health Care Unreached people groups

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Updated 04-12-2020

COVID-19 Project
COVID-19 Project
COVID-19 Project
COVID-19 Project
COVID-19 Project
COVID-19 Project

Key Points

  • COVID-19
  • Coronavirus Crisis
  • Health care
  • Nations with few resources

Project Details

GRN continues to function in Australia. About two thirds of our people are not here. They are either staff working from home or older volunteers who are staying safe at home for the duration of the heightened risk to their health. The rest of us continue coming into the office. Our computer systems continue to make our recordings and audio visuals available to the world. We continue to send out mp3 players and picture books. Our studios continue to process new recordings as they come in from around the world (many recordists are busy at home editing and programming their work) and giving old recordings a new lease of life.

We are concerned for our people in nations with few resources and little health care. We have people in Africa, Asia and Latin America - please pray for them. Many countries are experiencing significant inflation and shortages as people buy extra food in the midst of uncertainty.

As an expression of love and solidarity, we are preparing to help GRN workers and volunteers in need during this crisis. If you would like to join us and help our people at this difficult time please make a donation marked: Covid Relief. Any excess funds will be used to replenish GRN's emergency fund and for overseas staff support.

Funding Progress

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Needed to Finish Project* = $-22,745 (100%)

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