Fuel for Father's Day

Make your dad a MAF man this Father’s Day!
Mission Aviation Fellowship

Mission Aviation Fellowship

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Project Summary

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Updated 13-08-2020

Key Points

  • Give the gift of fuel to a Dad in your life
  • Your donation is tax deductible
  • Fuel is one of our most precious resources:
  • One jerrycan (just $50) can fuel us for around 20 minutes
  • Three different cards to choose from

Project Details

Make your dad a MAF man this Father’s Day!

Give the gift of fuel to a Dad in your life. Your donation is tax deductible* and donations of $10, $25 or $50 are eligible to receive a Jerrycan gift card to give to someone on Father’s Day!

How it works

1. Fill out the form and select how many jerrycans you’d like to donate.

2. Wait by your letterbox for your jerrycan gift card (if you requested one)

3. Write a heart-felt message to a father in your life (could be a friend, son, husband etc). Let them know that their gift has just fuelled an aircraft!

4. Think about what flight may take place tomorrow and feel great about playing your part to save lives!

It’s what’s inside that makes the difference

This humble jerrycan carries one of our most precious resources: fuel. That’s why we need your help today.

When the equivalent of one full jerrycan (just $50) gets poured into our aircraft, we are fuelled for around 20 minutes of flying. For isolated communities, it replaces days of travel on foot. These short flights have saved many lives.

With your gift of fuel for Father’s Day you can be a part of this life-saving ministry.

To find out more about MAF go to: maf.org.au or https://jerrycan.maf.org.au/



Gifts or Sponsorships over AUD$2 to fund program or project relief work of MAF International (ABN 32 004 260 860) in Australia, raised through a controlled entity “MAF Assist DGR Item 1 (ABN 23 301 106 261)” are tax deductible.
Gifts for evangelical outreach or other activities of MAF International (ABN 32 004 260 860) in Australia, raised through the Australian parent entity “MAF Australia (ABN 26 134 583 887)” that do not meet the requirements for DGR expenditure are non-tax deductible.


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