Help build a new children’s home in Africa

Providing a family environment for disadvantaged children.
Access Hope Inc

Access Hope Inc

Project Summary

Building and Maintenance Children and Youth Ministries

$100,000 needed to finish project


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Updated 04-04-2020

Key Points

  • Two dorms - one for boys and one for girls
  • A$60,000 per dorm.

Project Details

We have bought 1.5 acres of great land where we are in the process of building our future children’s home.  When finished, we will be able to house around 200 children.  A secure fence surrounds our property and we have built a guard house which is also a small shop to service the local area.  In 2018, we constructed the ground floor of our girls' dormitory and also the boys' ground floor in July 2019.

Water is connected and along with our well, we have a water tank and tower. The land produces maize and vegetables which help feed the the home.  A variety of animals thrive on our land too.  We also have electricity and a transformer, so it’s all systems go!

If you’d like an adventure by joining one of our building teams, then please contact Linda on  +61 8 9294111  or

​Mob:  +61 450 045 978    or email:

Make a financial investment by giving for a purpose- the building of infrastructure needed to provide a family environment for disadvantaged children.

Funding Progress

Project Cost = $120,000 (100%)
Donated as at 30-03-2020 = $20,000 (16.66666666666666666666666667%)
Needed to Finish Project* = $100,000 (83.33333333333333333333333333%)

* Please confirm outstanding amount needed before donating.

Project Feedback

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